Production Participant Information
Once Upon a Tree


We are glad that you are part of this production of Once Upon a Tree!  

This work is especially meaningful as it bring a Lenten portrayal as a gift to the community.  We look forward to working with you!

A note from Dianne Mueller:

Welcome to Once Upon a Tree. I am very excited to begin this Journey with all of you. The story we will be telling through this production is the wonderful truth of God and His salvation message. This salvation plan was put into motion from the beginning of time for each of us personally and for all the people of the earth. This plan was designed by God’s hand and by His grace is realized in the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thank you for agreeing to be part of this adventure.

Questions? Email Larry Jost at or text at 314-223-3162.

Production and Cast and Crew and Orchestra Photos

“Official” photos are in! Sorry we don’t have everyone, but we will be making copies and hopefully getting them Friday march 4. Feel free to share, but please tag Cindy Lee Tiefenbrunn when sharing. Great pics!

Click here for  the 8×10 images


The photo gallery from Cindy Lee Tiefenbrunn is now available online. Use these however you choose, but please leave the credit in place and tagCindy Lee Tiefenbrunn if you share them on Facebook. Enjoy…over 600 photos.  Click here

Sample song and message from the March 3 Rehearsal from Larry Jost

Here’s a teaser sample rough cut of Its Time to Rest from the March 3rd rehearsal… please do not share outside the group.  Can’t wait for the performances! Thank you for getting us to this point…it is a very touching production that shares the Greatest Story Ever Told!

Click here for  It’s Time to Rest from the March 3 rehearsal.

Various Items

Microphones and Headpieces

Please do your best to keep the mics from being squashed under the headpieces.  The fabric muffles the sound and the rubbing makes noises…and we want to hear everyone at their natural best.

Parking For Shows

In order to provide the most parking spots for attendees please consider parking on the back side of the building and use the child care entrance (after 6 p.m.). You may also want to consider a car pool or having someone drop you off. Parking will be especially tight for Sunday’s performance. We will have some parking lot attendants directing cars on Sunday.

Invite for Friday Night from Lynette and Larry Jost

Larry and I would like to invite everyone to our home after Friday’s performance. We will provide snacks, beverages and pizza. Feel free to bring something to share if you would like. We hope that you can come! Our address is 10911 Cosmos Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123.

Dinner after the final performance…from Lynette Jost

Just want you to mark your calendars that on Sunday 3/6 after the performance CMP provides dinner for cast, crew, orchestra, and immediate families at church. In order to get enough food, please let us know how many people in your family will be attending.

Please just post that info on the private Once Upon a Tree Facebook page or email it to and we’ll tally it up. We are after a rough count, so don’t need to know of minor changes later on.

Links to Documents

Click here for the Script (updated 1/31/16 with changes to pages 38 and following, copies will be provided starting at the 2/1 rehearsal)

Click here for the Rehearsal Schedule (updated 2/24/16 to show 2/25 as an off-day.

Click here for blocking details for Crucify Him (posted 1/31/16)

Ticket Distribution – NOW AVAILABLE for everyone at

Audio of Songs

Here is a link to some of the songs for Once Upon a Tree…NOW INCLUDING Breath of Heaven and Strange Way to Save the World… The Pepper Choplin content is from rehearsal CD material that is licensed for our use only – do not share please.  Also included is a copy of Coventry Carol from FMT’s A Song for Christmas…

Here is a link to the songs.

Facebook Event:  Please share the show’s event on Facebook and invite your friends…

Click here for the event in Facebook.

Cast List

The complete cast and crew list is available at

CMP FaceBook Page – for general public information on the show

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