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Thank you to everyone who joined us for Seussical!  We had a wonderful run of this show and look forward to announcing our upcoming events.  Please sign up for our emails to keep up to date.



The Cat in the Hat – Libby Griesedieck
Horton The Elephant – Joel Brown
Mazie La Bird – Emma Reinagel
Gertrude McFuzz – Melissa Felps
JoJo – Victor Rocha
Sour Kanagaroo – Jessie Owens
General Gengus Khan Schmitz – John Jauss
Mr. Mayor – Jonathan Ramsey Wenski
Mrs. Mayor – Kathy Eichelberger
Wickersham Brother – Louis Luong
Wickersham Brother – Jakeb Reynolds
Wickersham Brother – Aaron Kamphoefner
Yertle The Turtle – Kevin Jones
Thing 1 – Emily Clements
Thing 2 – Ella Blase
Bird Girl – Jennifer Kerner
Bird Girl – Bethany Hamilton
Bird Girl – Kira Averett
Elephant Bird – Alana Rocha/Tori Averett
Circus-Juggler – Andrea Schanz
Who, Circus-Juggler – Isabelle  Zurcher
Who, Circus-Clown/Acro,Military – Tony Jaskiewicz
Who, Military – Quincy Newcomb
Who, Military – Jackson Ehlen
Who, Military – Matthew Taylor
Who, Military – Joshua Stroups
Who, Military – John McCreary
Who, Military, Grinch – Robert Jones
Who – Julia Kuschel
Who – Katelyn Dickey
Who – Karen Dickey
Who – Sarah Ehlen
Who – Hannah Taylor
Who – Elizabeth Nolting
Who – Sarah Nolting
Who – Niki Newcomb
Who – Kira Newcomb
Who – Kerri McFarland
Who – Allison Harvey
Who – Jenna Heres
Who – Nataleigh Scheller-Houska
Who – Grace Adam
Who – Brea Johnson
Who – Rose Garland
Who – Lucy McReynolds
Who – Anna Kuschel
Who – Lindsay Miller
Who – Sarah Dubberke
Who – Catherine Stanish
Who –Sarah Page
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Juggler – Rachel Mueller
Nool Jungle Creature ,Circus-Clown/Acro – Makayla Adams
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Clown/Acro – Summer Street
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Clown/Acro – Lorden Monie
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Clown/Acro – Leah-Marie Geil
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Clown/Acro – Clare Bugala
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Tumbling – Allison Crandall
Nool Jungle Creature, Circus-Tumbling – Lillie Robinson
Nool Jungle Creature – Madison Heady
Nool Jungle Creature – Lilian McMurry
Nool Jungle Creature – Bella Cloeter
Nool Jungle Creature – Grace Herzog
Nool Jungle Creature – Bethany Lewis
Nool Jungle Creature – Jessie McKee
Nool Jungle Creature – Sarah Millsaps
Nool Jungle Creature – Grace Wilkinson
Circus – Jamie Zayas
Circus – Vanessa Waggoner
Circus – Sarah Svoboda
Circus – Isobel Pupillo


Bass:  Robert Terrell
Cello: Damen Martin
Drums:  Tom Appelbaum
Guitar 1:  Robert Hardcastle
Guitar 2:  Matt Schorr
Keyboard 1:  Gregg Mueller
Keyboard 2:  David Phillips
Percussion: Nathan Rauscher
Reed 1: J.D. Tolman
Reed 2: Kelly Austerman
Reed 3: Tim Kloeppel
Trombone:  David Bode
Trumpet 1:  Joe Paule
Trumpet 2:  Mark Senechal
Viola:  Dragomir Page
Violin 1:  Marilyn Humiston
Violin 1: Kyla Herbert
Violin 2: Holly Frey
Violin 2: John Bourzikas

Leadership & Crew

Director &  Production Implementation:  Dianne Mueller
Choreographer:  Glenn Guillermo
Music Director:  Gregg Mueller
Music – Orchestra Conductor:  Mary Wiley
Music – Vocals:  Kristine Gage
Costumers:  Karen Lee, Krysta Wenski, Dianne Mueller
Costume Assistance:  Donna and Dave Park
Set Design:  Dianne Mueller
Lighting Design:  John Jauss
Circus and Aerial Acrobatics Choreography: Kinetic Tapestry
Stage Manager:  Lauren Kreienkamp
Stage Crew: Mackenzie Bick, Chris Gubser, Joe Harwell, Benjamin Clements
House Manager/Publicity/Ticket Sales/Program: Lynette Jost
Facility Coordinator:  Kathy Poppitz
Set Build, Painting:  Dianne Mueller, Ron Averett, John Jauss, Kevin Jones, Bill Orrick
Props:  Megan Panarusky
Props Crew: Betty Rowold, Cheri Miller, Brian Page, Dianne Mueller
Sound Board Technicians:  Bob Bentrup, Bill Orrick, Keith Hampton, Bob Danko, Tony Avena
Light Operators:  Glenn Guillermo, Kevin Dickey; Kevin Wilkinson, Debbie Brewer, Tony Lupo
Videographer:  Rebecca Mueller, Greg Bick
Stage Buildout:  Gary Gregory
Mic and Backstage Support: Donna Wilkinson, Terrie Bick
Tech Support:  Dan Geiger
Refreshments Coordinator:  Tammy Herzog
Program Printing:  Ruth Hertlein
Opening Night Reception: Margie Heimrich
CMP Business Manager/Sound Design:  Larry Jost

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