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Meet Me In St Louis – September 2017

Christ Memorial Productions is pleased to announce that we will be performing Meet Me In St. Louis as our Fall 2017 Production.

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Performances are set for 7:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays September 15, 16, 22, and 23  and for 2:30 pm on Sundays September 17 and 24 at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, 5252 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

Tickets for adults will range in price from $10 – $20 and for pre-teens from $5 to $15.  Please Click Here for Ticket Information or to Order Tickets.

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Mr. Alonso Smith:  Bruce Roberts

Mrs. Anna Smith: Heather Sartin

Lon Smith: Joel Brown

Rose Smith: Lisa Grove

Esther Smith: Jennelle Gilreath

Agnes Smith: Allison Crandall

Tootie Smith: Elena Adams

Grandpa Prophater: Keith Poppitz

John Truitt: Caden Turner

Warren Sheffield: Trey Marlette

Lucille Ballard/Singer Ensemble Family: Gracie Sartin

Katie: Katie Klein

Eve/Singer Ensemble Family: Lucy McReynolds

Postman/Singer Ensemble Family: Robert Jones

Clinton Badger/Teen Dance Ensemble: Nathan Gallop

Peewee Drummond/Teen Dance Ensemble: Louis Luong

Sidney Purvis/Teen Dance Ensemble: Tony Jaskiewicz

Motorman/Ensemble Family: Rich Goolsby

Dance Ensemble

Aidan Kelly, Brianna Blase,  Caleb Almany,  Emily Gregg, Emma Reinagel,

Gabriel Maupin, Gillian Pieper, Grace Wilkinson, Isabelle Zurcher,

Jess Gerst, Jessie Owens, Libby Griesedieck,  Makayla Adams,

Rachel Mueller, Sabrina Furman, addnl. waltzer Kevin Jones

Singer Ensemble Family

Dan Ellerbrook, Grace Herzog, Jennifer Kerner,

Jim Wamser, John Jauss, Kathy Eichelberger,

Katie Jauss, Kimberly Drazen, Lucy Schene,

Nataleigh Scheller-Houska, Rachel Dodge,

Rob Eichelberger, Sarah Dubberke,

Sarah Page, Victor Landon

Ensemble Family

Anna Kuschel, Catherine Stanish, Delaney Roehrs,

Ella Blase, Emily Clements, Karen Dickey,

Lillian McMurry, Lillian Robinson, Lindsay Miller,

Melinda Call, Riona Stanish, Roman Ryker,

Rose Garland, Sofia Call

Orchestra (additional information will be provided at a later date)

Reeds:  Mary Wiley, Tim Kloeppel, Kelly Austermann

French Horn:  Mary Schmidt, Dan Schroeder

Trumpet: Joe Paule, Jr., Mark Senechal

Trombone:  David Bode, Tommy Schwartz

Percussion:  Anne Stevenson, Tom Appelbaum

Guitar and Banjo: Robert Hardcastle

Harp:  Michael Boone

Piano/Synthesizer:  Gregg Mueller

Violin:  Marilyn Humiston, Kyla Herbert, John Bourzikas

Cello:  Ann Geiler, Damen Martin

Bass:  Barbara Paule

Directors and Production Leadership Team

  • Director and Production Implementation:  Dianne Mueller
  • Choreographer:  Glenn Guillermo
  • Music Director and Rehearsal Accompanist:  Gregg Mueller
  • Vocal Coach: Kathy Eichelberger
  • Orchestra Conductor: Joe Paule
  • Lighting Design:  John Jauss
  • Costumers: Kevin Jones, Krysta Wenski
  • Set Design: Dianne Mueller
  • Stage Manager:  Lauren Kreienkamp
  • Assistant Stage Manager:  Mackenzie Bick
  • Properties Manager: Kimberly Clements
  • House Manager, Publicity, Program:  Lynette Jost
  • Offstage Cast Direction and Scripting:  Jennifer Kerner
  • Facility Manager:  Kathy Poppitz
  • CMP Business Manager, Sound Design & Mixing: Larry Jost

(additional information will be provided at a later date)

Production Staff and Crew

  • Set Build, Painting, and Art: Dianne Mueller, Debbie Brewer, Larry Jost, Rachel Mueller
  • Backdrop Art:  Rebecca Mueller, Dianne Mueller
  • Sound Board Technicians:  Bob Bentrup, Bill Orrick, Kevin Wilkinson
  • Backstage Technical Support: Donna Wilkinson, Terrie Bick
  • Lighting Operators: Kara Grimm-Denholm, Kevin Dickey
  • Stage Crew: Chris Gubser, Joe Harwell, Bella Cloeter, Benjamin Clements
  • Properties Crew: Jennifer Rocha, Katelyn Ericson, Cheri Miller, Betty Rowold, Laurie Shelton
  • House Technical Support:
  • Program Printing: Ruth Hertlein
  • Closed Circuit Video Operation:
  • Refreshments: Tammy Herzog, Debbie Brewer
  • Opening Night Reception: Melissa Bohlmanm, Margie Heimrich
  • Stage Build Out: Lauren Kreienkamp, Dianne Mueller, Lynette Jost, Larry Jost
  • Event Photography:

(additional information will be provided at a later date)

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Songs by Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane Book by  Hugh Wheeler

Based on “The Kensington Stories” by Sally Benson

and the MGM motion picture “Meet Me In St. Louis”

Songs by Martin & Blane published by EMI Feist Catalog, Inc.

Produced for the Broadway stage by

Brickhill-Burke Productions, Christopher Seabrooke and EPI Products™

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS is presented by arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC. 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022

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