We have a diverse list of education opportunities available on Sunday mornings. Many of these opportunities fall under “Connections,” which is our initiative to help families and different generations connect and grow in their faith together. Classes geared toward adults and toward children of different ages are all available. Each class runs from 9:00-9:50 or 10:00-10:40—a schedule designed to make sure everyone has a chance to be in worship as well.

Learn about and register for any of our Sunday morning education opportunities below.

9:00-9:50am Offerings (Fall 2017)

Register for any of these Bible Studies here.

Study: “Uncommon Kings”
Leader: Dr. Gerry Perschbacher
Room: 208
Description: Each Sunday Dr. Perschbacher leads through a lively presentation and discussion. Face the facts of kingly power by in-depth analysis of biblical notables who were in command. How powerful were they? How capable did they prove to be? How did God play a part in their reigns? What lessons do they teach us today? Please plan to join, anyone from 7th grade and above is welcome to participate.

Study: Today in God’s Word (Assigned Scripture Texts for the Day)
Leader: Pr. Will Dubberke
Room: 207
Description: Join us each week as we look deeper in the assigned readings (Pericope) for the day according to the Lutheran lectionary. Pastor Dubberke leads our time with a blend of historical, theological, and contextual insight to the text in a lecture and dialogue format. Anyone from 7th grade and above are welcome to participate.

Study: “Starting Point”
Leader: Tom & Chris Wilson; Chris Frentzel
Room: 206
Description: Everything has a starting point. Your life. Your relationships. Your education. Your career. Sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well. For Christians that starting point is Jesus himself. Join us each week as we explore the starting point of our faith in the book of Acts and beyond. Anyone from 7th grade and above are welcome to participate.

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Youth Book Club will be at 9 AM in the Youth Room. Designed for youth attending the early worship service at 7:45 AM or looking for something before the 10 AM time slot. There will be an assignment to read part of a book each week and we’ll be able to discuss on Sunday mornings with the rest of the group. We will be reading books designed for youth.

10:00-10:40am Offerings (Fall 2017)

Register for any of these Connections Multigenerational Classes here.

Study: “The Bible Project”
Leader: Aaron Adams
Room: 206
Description: The Bible can often seem like an overwhelming book of stories, poems, history, and wisdom. Even for someone who has grown up in the church their whole life it may be hard to see the complete picture Scripture paints. The Bible, though, is a unified story that all points to Jesus Christ. Join us each week as we explore the entire story of Scripture using visual storytelling, the Bible, and discussion. Anyone 7th grade and above is welcome to join.

Study: “Intro To Bible Study”
Leader: Amanda Douglas
Room: 207
Description: Studying the Bible is vital to the Christian for growth in faith and knowledge. However, knowing just how to study the Bible is not always easy. You are invited to join us this fall as we look to answer the question of how we should approach the Word of God in study. Everyone from “life-long” Christians to new believers are welcome and encouraged to attend this Connections group.

Study: “Reading Romans w/ Luther”
Leader: Brett Hartmann
Room: 208
Description: This group will follow our sermon in the Book of Romans. Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome is a like a theological dictionary. He employs words that became Christian classics – grace, faith, justification, righteousness. Unfortunately, words can become cliché, empty religious talk, or “just words.” Join us as we explore these simple “words” and how they have the powerful ability to justify sinful people and to actively do something to us. As we devote ourselves to Romans, what will these words do to you?
*This class will be using the book “Reading Romans with Luther” by RJ Grunewald. Books will be available to purchase at Christ Memorial.

Study: “Developing Spiritual Character”
Leader: Pr. Dave Vaughn
Room: 209
Description: Join us as we dive into the writings of the Apostle John. We are looking at the life and teachings of Jesus from the Holy Spirit inspired heart of John as discuss in his Gospel, his three letters and his authorship of Revelations. All are welcome to join into our group discussion, as we blend real world life conversations, specific prayer thanksgivings and needs, learnings from God’s Word, and the hearing of stories that talk to how God … the God of 3 persons … is showing up in our life.

Study: “The Family Table-Parents/Caregivers”
Leader: Angie Walston
Room: Fireside Cafe (South End of The Commons)
Description: Join us each week as we look deeper into the Connections: Sunday School weekly lessons and prepare parents, grandparents and caregivers to bring the content home. We will explore common questions, age appropriate answers and possible resources for the home. Parents and Caregivers of all ages (preschool – Sr. High) are invited to attend.

Study: “Parents & Tots”
Leader: TBA
Room: The Family Room (North End of The Commons)
Description: We invite children birth – age three and parents and caregivers to join us in the Family Room as we participate in play time, and a “Jesus Time liturgy”. There will be a weekly bible story and prayer along with time to share with other parents/caregivers with young children. Bible readings will follow the Connections: Sunday School sequence.

Class: The Bible Project
Leader: TBA
Room: Youth Room (Game Room Side)
Description: The Bible Project is a youth only option that will meet in the Game Room side of the Youth Room at 10 AM. A team of adults will guide 7-12 Grade youth through scripture using the Bible, videos, and discussion. Take a moment and check out thebibleproject.com. We will be starting with the book of Genesis. This option will allow youth to connect to God’s Word in a new way. We hope this helps youth open read their Bibles and allows them to better understand it.

Class: Leader Class
Leader: TBA
Room: Youth Room
Description: Leader Class meets at 10 AM in the Youth Room. This connection group will be for youth and adults. A team of adults will facilitate a discussion each week on the topic of leadership. This time will include speakers, curriculum, and real life application of servant leadership for school, the workplace, and relationships. Youth and adults will be able to mentor and encourage one another to be loved + sent each week.

Volunteer Opportunity: Sunday School for Children
Leader: You!
Room: Varies
Description: Youth 7-12 Grade are needed to help with Children’s Sunday School during the 10 AM time slot. We have Sunday School for children 3 years to 6th Grade. Youth will be teamed up with at least one adult leader. This is a wonderful multigenerational opportunity to mentor and impact the life of a younger Christian. Please sign up here to volunteer.