Pastor’s Blog

Six Generations For six generations there has been an unbroken line of Cloeter pastors in the United States. Ernst Ottomar Cloeter was the first in 1849. I am the most recent, a pastor since 2005. I come from a line of men conscripted to be guardians and agents of the gospel in three different centuries. Each man has done this … Read More

First Pitch

The May 14 Cardinals game was rescheduled for August 30th at 1:15. Pastor Greg will throw out the first pitch before that game. Please keep your tickets for use at that game.


Lent’s agenda is to be honest about brokenness. So the season has historically incorporated habits that remove the walls we use to conceal our broken parts. Walk the season of Lent by removing these walls through specific practices and habits. “Break stuff” with these practices. Break Crutches: What’s your crutch? Caffeine? Candy? Impulsive spending? Do without it for this season. … Read More